The Music Department at Noel Baker Academy


Key Stage 3

All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 receive one hour of music each week. The curriculum combines performing both as a soloist and as a member of an ensemble, composing, listening to and appraising music; every lesson has a practical focus. During the three years of keystage 3 students will study a wide range of musical styles from different traditions and parts of the world. Students are introduced to the contexts in which these different styles are performed and composed, exploring these styles through their own performances and composition work. Keystage 3 music includes styles of music such as: Musical Futures, Find Your Voice; Calypso and Samba music; Western Classical music; film and video game music; rock music. Students gain instrumental skills on the keyboard in Year 7 and 8. They then go on to develop their skills further in Year 9 with the keyboard, voice, guitar, bass guitar or percussion. Students who play an instrument are encouraged to use their instrument and develop their instrumental skills further within the lessons.


Key Stage 4

At keystage 4 we offer Music GCSE (OCR syllabus). Students receive three hours of lesson time in Year 10 each week and two hours of lesson time in Year 11 each week.


The Music GCSE OCR syllabus consists of:

  • An integrated portfolio which is worth 60 marks, 30% of total GCSE. This is where students will practice their chosen instrument or voice and perform pieces of music as a soloist. They will then go on to create a composition for their instrument or voice.
  • A practical component which is worth 60 marks, 30% of total GCSE. This is where students will practice, rehearse and perform as a member of an ensemble on their instrument or voice. They will then go on to create a composition to a set brief given by OCR.
  • A listening examination which is worth 80 marks, lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minute, 40% of total GCSE. The listening examination will consist of four areas of study: AoS2: The Concerto Through Time; AoS3: Rhythms of the World; AoS4: Film music; AoS5: Conventions of Pop.


Instrumental Lessons

We offer instrumental lessons within the school day on the following instruments: Electric and acoustic guitar; bass guitar; piano; keyboard; drum kit and voice. Students, if they wish, can take music examinations on these instruments, grade 5 and above can be used for university entry using UCAS points. If you or your child is interested in finding out more information about these lessons please speak to Miss Guest or Miss Hodgkiss.


Extra-curricular and enrichment programme

Noel Baker Music Department offers the following extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

  • Year 7 choir (Monday lunchtime in A21)
  • Production rehearsals (Wednesday after school in the theatre)
  • Year 11 listening examination revision (Thursday lunchtime in B19)
  • Year 11 practical coursework (Friday after school in B19)



Music Department teaching staff

  • Music teacher and Lead Practitioner: Miss Guest
  • Music Teacher: Miss Hodgkiss

About us

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