There are a range of subjects taught within the Social Sciences curriculum at Noel Baker including Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Child Development and Citizenship. The faculty consists of 5 members of staff. As a department we have high expectations of the students and ensure that high standards are consistent across all subject areas.

Social Sciences build on the key values and beliefs which are important both within school and in the community. Within Citizenship, students have the opportunity to be an active citizen through campaigns carried out as part of the course, alongside developing knowledge on democracy, identity and politics.  All of which enable students to make informed decisions, which will impact on both themselves as an individual and the wider community. Health and Social Care and Child Development give students an understanding of different health care practices and the skills needed to support people.  Sociology studies the wider society such as education, family and crime and deviance, whereas Psychology studies the individual and explanations of why we are who we are.

The topics and areas studied within the different subjects in the Social Sciences curriculum help students understand the individuals they interact with in their day to day lives.  As well as preparing them with the fundamental knowledge and skills, which can be applied in their chosen career path.


At KS4 the Social Sciences faculty offers GCSE Sociology (AQA), Child Development (OCR Cambridge National), GCSE Citizenship (OCR) and Health and Social Care (OCR Cambridge).


A Level Sociology (AQA) and A Level Psychology (AQA) are all offered at KS5. The Social Sciences are popular courses with students developing the skills which are needed in higher education and beyond.


The Social Sciences department is committed to improving achievement each year and offers a wide range of intervention opportunities to support students with homework and revision; building on exam skills and consolidating knowledge and understanding on the different topic areas.


All groups at KS4 and KS5 groups are taught in mixed ability option groups.

Curriculum time


Year 10 -3 hours per week

Year 11– 2 hours per week



Year 13- 5 hours per week


Social Sciences Staff

Mrs H MacLeod (Head of Social Science)

Mrs C Hutchinson (Second in department)

Mrs L Pearson

Mrs L Ollier

Mrs T Matthews

About us

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