Citizenship Overview

Key Stage 4

Citizenship is offered as a GCSE Level. The OCR specification encourages our students to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study. Students gain the confidence and conviction to participate in decision making and play an active role as effective citizens in public life.

During the course, students will study:

  • What democracy is, how parliamentary democracy operates within the constituent parts of the UK, how government works and how democratic and non-democratic systems of government are different beyond the UK. 
  • Relationship between the state and citizens, the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens living and working in the UK and how people participate in democracy.
  • Role of the law in society, how laws are shaped and enforced and how the justice system works in England and Wales. 
  • National, local, regional and devolved governments, The British Constitution and the role of the media and free press
  • Use and apply knowledge and understanding of key citizenship ideas and concepts, including democracy, government, justice, equality, rights, responsibilities, participation, community, identity and diversity.
  • To think deeply and critically about a wide range of political, social, economic and ethical issues and questions facing society in local to global contexts
  • Students take part in real-life practical activities that address a particular issue or concern, aimed at providing a benefit for a particular community or society as a whole.

Future Pathways and Careers

Citizenship contains elements of law, sociology and economics, which may help students choosing these subjects. The skills acquired through the study of GCSE Citizenship are transferable to almost any further studies. Possible careers include public services including police, armed forces or court system, law, politics.  

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