Year 10 - [OCR 9-1 GCSE Business] 

In Year 10, students will be introduced to key business terminologies as well skill sets that an enterprising person needs. 

The key topics that they will be studying in the academic year are;

•             Business Activity

•             Marketing

•             People


They will be learning about how businesses start and grow, the role of marketing within business and how it influences business activity and the decisions business take. They will also be learning about the role of Human Resources in business.


Year 11 - [OCR 9-1 GCSE Business] 

In the final year of the course, Year 11s will be learning about the role of operations, their role in production of goods and the provision of services and how they influence business activity. Also they will be gain understanding on the different roles of finance as well ethical considerations in business. 

The key topics that they will be studying in the academic year are;


•             Production

•             Finance

•             Ethics in Business

•             Interdependent nature of business


Year 13 – [OCR Business Studies] 

Year 13 - [Cambridge Technical Level 3 Business]

This course is assessed through assignments as well as by external examinations.

The key topics that Year 13s will be studying in this academic year are;

Unit 4- Customer and Communication (assignment based)

Unit 2- Working in Business (exam based)

Unit 8- Introduction to Human Resources

Unit 19- International Business

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