Pupils should

Pupils should not

Show respect for each other regardless of race, culture, gender, sexuality or religion

In any way verbally or physically mistreat anybody else

Show respect for adults including following instructions when asked

Show disrespect towards adults

Be polite to others

Engage in bullying and/or teasing

Show respect for property belonging to others and to the academy

Damage other people's property, including that belonging to the academy

Show respect for people’s right to learn

Disrupt the learning of others

Wear the full academy uniform

Wear make-up or more than one pair of silver studded earrings in the lobe

Be punctual to the academy and to lessons

Be late to the academy and lack punctuality when on academy premises

Ask permission from a member of staff before leaving a classroom

Leave classes without permission

Hand in all work on time

Fail to hand in homework on time

Attend the academy ready to learn with the correct equipment

Eat or drink during lessons including the chewing of gum

Work to the best of their ability during lessons

Bring mobile phones, iPods/iPads or other electrical items to the academy without the permission of the Headteacher

Use academy ICT facilities sensibly and safely

Access other pupils’ files and documents on the academy ICT network premises

Bring in notes explaining any absences from the academy

Smoke in or near the academy

Look after all academy property

Steal academy property or that of other pupils


Engage in any other activity in or out of the academy which could bring the academy in to disrepute

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