At Noel-Baker Academy we provide an excellent catering service to pupils and staff, offering a healthy choice of foods, including a full hot food selection, pasta and sandwiches.

For many pupils, lunch is the main meal of their day. Meal times should be relaxed and calm whilst also providing all the ingredients necessary to assist with pupils' concentration and learning.

At the Academy, we prefer to manage the catering provision ourselves, giving us more control and choice over the food we offer. We operate a rolling three week menu, to ensure a good variety and selection of foods to cater for every taste. 

Food and drink provision throughout the Academy day

National nutritional standards for school lunches

Food prepared by the Academy Catering Team meets the national standards for school lunches (

Break Time

At break time our pupils are offered a range of healthy snacks and sandwiches, containing fresh fillings prepared by the Academy Catering team. A selection of fresh fruit is also available every day. Drinks on offer include still water, low fat flavoured milks and no added sugar fruit juices.

Drinking Water

The Academy provides a free supply of drinking water at break and lunch times.

Vegetarians and Vegans

The Academy catering team offers a vegetarian option for lunch every day. When necessary, the Academy will also offer a vegan option.

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Individual care plans are created for pupils with food allergies. These document symptoms and adverse reactions, actions to be taken in an emergency, and emergency contact details. The Academy catering are made aware of any food allergies or food intolerances and requests for special diets are submitted through an agreed process.

Food Safety

Appropriate food safety precautions are taken when food is prepared and stored. These vary depending on the food on offer and include:

  • ensuring adequate storage and washing facilities are available
  • making sure that refrigerators are used when necessary
  • ensuring that food handlers undergo appropriate food hygiene training
  • ensuring suitable equipment and protective clothing are available

Any food hazards are identified and controlled. We consult our local Environmental Health Department about legal requirements where necessary. 

About us

The school office is open Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm during term time.