The school has a uniform, which is compulsory for all students in Years 7 to 11 to ensure high standards of dress, health & safety and to demonstrate a level of pride about our school within the community.


School Uniform is comprised of

Trousers/Skirt:            Black. Trousers must be of standard length and not skinny, in formal style with no jeans or leggings allowed. 
                                    Skirt length must be within 2 inches from the centre of the knee. Clingy, tight stretchy fabric will not be allowed.
Shirt/Blouse               White (long sleeved or short sleeved) and tucked in at all times.
Tie                               Black with Year colour stripes.
Jumper/Cardigan       Black, v neck bearing the school logo.
Shoes:                        Sensible and plain all black shoes. No trainers will be allowed 
From September the acceptable level of jewellery will be as follows: Ear rings A maximum of 1 stud per ear.  No ear rings, or anything which could prove dangerous to the wearer as students move about the school, will be allowed.


A maximum of two small rings, on each hand; nothing large or sharp is acceptable for health & safety reasons.

Face piercing/body piercing, including nose studs/tongue piercings

No jewellery of this kind will be allowed in school.Students wearing visible piercings, as stated above, will be told to remove them before coming into school and failure to do so will result in a student being sanctioned accordingly and potentially being placed into internal seclusion to undertake their learning.


Watches, necklaces, additional jewellery

In the interests of our students we recommend that no expensive items of jewellery or watches are brought into school.  The school will not take responsibility for loss or damage of these items.



The PE department will only take responsibility for the safety of money and watches, which must be given to the teacher at the beginning of a PE lesson.  No responsibility will be accepted for any other item of jewellery or mobile phones. The school strongly advises that students should leave expensive items or items of sentimental value at home on days when PE is on their timetable. Mobile phones should be placed in secured lockers in advance of the lesson.


Suppliers of uniform are:-


Morley’s School Wear

Unit 2

446 Nottingham Road



DE21 6PE  

Telephone 01332 281 311


21-23 Nottingham Rd,


Derby DE72 3JU

Telephone 01332 677498


Uniform Direct

54 Babington Lane

Derby DE1 1SX

Telephone 01332 342569





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