Welcome to the Pastoral Page.  Here you will find contact details for the relevant Heads of House as well as key information about the importance and focus of each house.

Miss K Barron, Assistant Associate Headteacher for Lead, Empower, Achieve and Drive

Noel-Baker Academy House System

At Noel-Baker Academy, we believe passionately that our students are entitled to the same breadth and depth of provision as a student attending any of the best schools in the country. We know that we are on a journey towards greatness and that with persistent effort, hard work and patience, amazing things can and will be achieved for and by our young people. As part of this journey, we have a House system.

What is our HOUSE system like?

Our House system consists of four Houses linked to our core values; LEAD, EMPOWER, ACHIEVE and DRIVE. Each House is led by their Head of House.  Within each House, there are students from each year group, however student form groups remain in year groups. 

Students wear a lanyard which identifies their House colours.  Students representing the Student Leadership team wear a unique tie to identify their responsibility as well as their lanyard to represent the House they are associated with.

Miss Murphy

Mr Fox

Miss Bhogal

Mrs Hooley

Why do we have a House system?

Our vision is that the House system will further enhance our pastoral care, allowing our community to foster a deeper sense of belonging and a strong team spirit. The House system is at the core of every aspect of our ethos and culture and allows all children to excel and contribute based on their individual strengths. It promotes a sense of responsibility in the students and a positive ethos and culture based around community and aspiration to be the best.

House membership brings a sense of belonging, along with the opportunity to enter into competitions with peers. Educational studies have also shown that House systems have numerous academic benefits as well as social-emotional ones. Research also shows that those who feel comfortable and supported enough to participate in House events are more likely to feel able to commit themselves fully to academia.

All siblings remain in one House to allow a single point of contact with their designated House Leader.

Break times take place in zoned year group spaces and lunchtimes take place in Houses. All Houses will have their own designated lunchtime. These slots will be 30 minutes long to allow all students the opportunity to have their lunch and reduce the need to queue through our new ordering system. More information on this system will follow.

What are the benefits of moving to a House system?

The House system:

  1. Creates a streamlined and more efficient communication system.
  2. Is a further enhancement to the positive school ethos, through the participation of House events, competition and our bespoke co-curricular offer.
  3. Develops school leadership opportunities and peer on peer support and guidance, allowing the student voice to be coherent across all four Houses. 
  4. Creates a community ethos, whereby students across year groups are working collaboratively together.
  5. Further enhances pastoral support for families (SEND, Attendance, MHWB, Behaviour and Safeguarding)

House competitions calendar

Throughout the academic year there are calendared house competitions that students and staff are involved in. Each competition is points based and will contribute to the overall House points totals at the end of the year.