Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Donaghy


Mrs Richardson

Deputy Headteacher (Provision) Safeguarding Lead

Mr Leach

Deputy Headteacher (Delivery)

Mrs Pedlar

Assistant Headteacher (Attendance and Enrichment)

Mr Taylor

Assistant Headteacher (Head of Ace Provision and Behaviour)

Miss Howard

Assistant Headteacher (Quality of Education)

Mrs Leach

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mrs Groves

Associate Assistant Headteacher KS3

Miss Baron

Associate Assistant Headteacher KS4

Mr Oliver

Associate Assistant Headteacher (CEIAG and Transition)

Ms Sargent

Associate Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Senior Lead for Mental Health and Well-being

Mrs Bailey

Headteacher’s PA

Mr Tarrant

Business Manager

 Pastoral Team

Ms Mills

Educational Welfare Officer

Ms Heath

Educational Welfare Officer

Mr Lumbar

Pastoral Lead Year 7

Miss Foulstone

Pastoral Lead Year 8

Miss Morgan

Pastoral Lead Year 9

Ms Southern

Pastoral Lead
Year 10

Ms Sandhu

Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Pett

Child Protection Officer and Operational DSL

Miss Flude

Assistant Child Protection Officer

Heads of Subject

Mrs Sibson

Curriculum Director (Drama, Music, Art and Technology)

Mr Linekar

Curriculum Director for Communications (English, Media, French, Spanish and Latin)

Mr Drake

Curriculum Director (Chemistry, Biology and Physics)

Miss Berridge

Curriculum Director ( Geography, History, RE and Business Studies )

Mr Green

Curriculum Director ( Maths and Computer Science )

Miss Young

Acting Curriculum Director ( PE and Social Science )