Uniform and Equipment

At Noel-Baker Academy we have high expectations of our students’ uniform and presentation. 

Noel-Baker students wear their uniform with pride and know that they represent the Academy both in and outside if the Academy. 

Compulsory Academy Uniform – Year 7 – 11:

The Academy has strict guidelines on dress. All students are expected to wear the full Academy uniform, including when travelling to and from the Academy. Parents are strongly advised to ensure that they supervise the purchase of school uniform and, where unsure as to the suitability of an item, they contact the Academy in advance.  Consequences are issued for failure to comply with the Academy uniform policy as outlined below. 

Our uniform comprises:

  • Plain long or short sleeved shirt – white
  • Plain black trousers or Noel-Baker Academy skirt. Jeans, leggings and cords are not allowed; school skirts must be the official academy skirt – black skirts are no longer part of Academy uniform. All items should allow for shirts to be properly tucked in and must not be tight-fitting.
  • Academy clip-on tie
  • Academy blazer – grey
  • Plain, sensible black shoes. Footwear must be leather or leather look with flat soles – no trainers, boots, pumps or canvas shoes will be allowed. High heeled shoes are unsuitable and dangerous on our Academy site.  NB – Any students not wearing the correct uniform, for example footwear, will be expected to borrow a pair of shoes from the Academy – the shoes will be treated with a hygienic spray after each use. Failure to wear the shoes provided will result in an internal exclusion (refusing a reasonable request). 

Uniform Addendum:

As part of our CV-19 risk assessment, we have to maintain certain levels of ventilation across the Academy, which means that classroom windows have to remain open.  Our school uniform states that a navy blue round-necked or V-neck jumper can be worn under a blazer and over their PE kit on PE days.   Following our recent Student and Parent Voice surveys, and as the weather gets colder, we are adding an additional option to our uniform, should you wish to add another layer of warmth for your child.  This will be a ‘Noel Baker’ navy blue hooded sweatshirt that children can wear on PE days, underneath their Academy blazers and in place of or as well as their normal navy blue jumpers.  It will have the Noel Baker logo on the front.   This will come into effect as of Wednesday 18th November and up until February half term, whilst we are under CV-19 safety restrictions.  The cost of this hoodie will be subsidised by the Academy and the cost to parents/carers is £5.00.   Please note, only Academy hoodies and plain navy blue unbranded/hooded jumpers will be permitted.  Any items of non-school uniform will be confiscated, as per current policy.

The hoodie is part of the PE uniform on a permanent basis, and can be worn as part of the uniform until the February half term.

If it is very cold, we will allow staff to use their professional judgement on whether coats can be worn in the classroom.

Academy Bags – from September 2022:
The Academy bags will be personalised with the Academy logo and easily identifiable by colour for each year group.  All students are expected to have an Academy bag in order to carry books, homework folders, PE kit and equipment.

From September 2020 ALL students are required to have a rucksack for school.  This must be big enough to carry school books, homework folder, PE Kit and necessary equipment.

From 2020 students in years 7—10 will be issued with a coloured braid to allow staff to identify students by year group.  This braid will be provided by the school but will need to be either sewn or ironed on to the blazer pocket above the Noel-Baker logo (see highlighted section on the image above).

Optional Academy Uniform

  • Outdoor coats should be removed at the entrance to the Academy buildings as outdoor wear is not permitted indoors. 
  • Hooded tops or denim jackets are not appropriate and will be confiscated if seen, unless it is the Noel-Baker branded hooded top as part of the uniform addendum.
  • Navy blue V neck jumper – sleeves need to be at full length.

Compulsory PE Uniform

  • Academy polo top
  • Academy games top
  • Academy shorts
  • Plain navy blue knee length games socks
  • White sports socks for indoor use
  • Indoor trainers – Non-marking sole with laces, providing support to ankle & foot
  • Outdoor trainers – Good grip with laces providing support to the ankle & foot.NB – Pumps do not provide adequate support for the foot or ankle
  • Gum shield – for rugby/hockey
  • Shin pads – for football/hockey 

Jewellery, Make-up and Hair styles

  • Jewellery is not allowed, except for one pair of small, plain silver ear studs. Ear rings, rings, nose studs or other facial piercings are not acceptable. 
  • Minimal make-up is acceptable.  Students wearing too much make-up will be asked to remove this to the appropriate amount.  False eyelashes are not acceptable. False nails are deemed appropriate if no longer than 0.5cm over the end of the fingernail bed. 
  • Hair styles which are considered ‘excessive’ will not be allowed at the Academy. Hair must be of natural colour and must not be dyed.  Students with short hair are not allowed ‘cuts’, shapes or designs. 

NB. The Head teacher’s decision is final and binding


The Academy requires all students to be fully equipped for learning with a homework folder, pens (black and green), pencil, ruler and at KS4 a scientific calculator and a mathematics set. 


  • Uniform Direct are the authorised uniform supplier for Noel-Baker Academy.  They are the only company that can provide all the items required including PE kit, correct skirts, blazers and ties.  
  • https://www.uniform-direct.com/acatalog/Noel-Baker-Academy-School-Uniform.html 
  • Uniform is also fully available instore. Opening times are Monday to Saturday – 9.30am to 5pm. Also open on Sundays during the school summer holidays – 11am to 4pm. 
  • Their store contact number is 01332 342569

Please click here to read an update from our supplier regarding new precedure in place following social distancing due to COVID-19.