Uniform and Equipment

At Noel-Baker Academy we have high expectations of our students’ uniform and presentation. 

At Noel-Baker Academy we pride ourselves on high standards and expectations and believe it is important that this is reflected in our appearance as we go about our studies.

Our school community is diverse and time has been taken to ensure that it is fully inclusive and embraces all cultures.

We expect students to wear our uniform with a sense of pride and purpose this will reduce bullying and stereotyping by removing expensive branded items, and demonstrates an ethos signifying a community and belonging.

Noel-Baker students wear their uniform with pride and know that they represent the Academy both in and outside if the Academy. 

Compulsory Academy Uniform – Year 7 – 11:

The Academy has strict guidelines on dress. All students are expected to wear the full Academy uniform, including when travelling to and from the Academy. Parents are strongly advised to ensure that they supervise the purchase of school uniform and, where unsure as to the suitability of an item, they contact the Academy in advance.  Consequences are issued for failure to comply with the Academy uniform policy as outlined below. 

Our uniform is:

Grey school blazer with school badge.

Plain blue V neck, long sleeved jumper.  NO LOGOS.

Plain white shirt with collar.

Plain black tailored trousers or NBA school skirt

Kameez – Plain black knee length dress. Must be worn with school blazer. Plain blue V-Neck Jumper can be worn as an addition, as described above.

Shalwar – Plain black narrow tapered trousers or school trousers, as described above

Abaya/Jilbab – Plain ‘A line’ or straight design in black with no embellishments. Must be worn with school blazer. Plain blue V-Neck Jumper can be worn as an addition, as described above.

Clip-on school tie – all students unless wearing Kameez/Abaya/Jilbab.

Tights or socks – Black, Navy, Grey, White.

Sensible leather look Shoes – black only. NO LOGOS.

No Boots or trainers of any description.

One pair of stud earrings in the lobe.

Hair colour that is natural.

Headscarfs / turbans can be worn for students of religious cultures – Black, White, Burgundy, Navy Blue or Brown can be worn. Bright colours are not acceptable other than times linked to religious festivals. 

The following items are not to be worn within the Academy.

  •  Any facial piercings (including plastic retainers, nose studs, tongue bars or any piercings in any other part of the ear than the lobe). Exceptions will be made for religious/cultural purposes. This will be agreed with the Academy. During practical situations for example Physical Education these will be removed.
  • False eyelashes.
  • Nails longer than 0.5cm (natural or normal) – If they are longer than 0.5cm these MUST be removed or filed down.
  • Chains and bracelets.
  • Hooded tops that are not NBA hoodies. In the current climate we appreciate that not all students may be able to purchase a NBA hoody. If this is the case students can wear a plain blue navy jumper or sweater. A plain blue or black plain hooded top is not acceptable.
  • More than 1 ring.

If any of these items are seen they will be confiscated by staff at any point throughout the day. These are to be collected by your son / daughter at the end of the day from the staff member confiscating the items. If this becomes repetitive the item will be kept until parents / carers can collect at their earliest convenience. This will be communicated home in order to keep all parties in the loop.  

Refusal to hand over these items will result in further sanctions.

Students are also not allowed to wear:

  • Trousers with very tight-fitting legs, jeans, leggings, jeggings, jogging bottoms or tracksuits, pinstripe or cords or skirts that are not the NBA school skirt.

Academy passes and house lanyards are to be worn by all students around the academy. The lanyards represent the house colours as shown. Lanyards should also house the Academy pass your child had been provided with as this allows them to purchase food from the canteen.  Please make sure your child has their pass and lanyard on them daily as this is part of the uniform.

We recommend all students have a sturdy backpack so they can carry their equipment, books and PE kit.

If a student is not in full school uniform we will contact parents/carers to resolve the issue, we may also send students home to change to appropriate clothing or isolate students if the uniform is not appropriate or if it is worn incorrectly.

We expect students to wear full school uniform correctly on the way to the Academy, throughout the school day, and on the journey home.

Standard PE kit

Students must arrive to school wearing their full PE kit on the days that they have PE. 

If students are attending a PE club after school and do not have PE that day, they must wear their school uniform and bring their PE separately.

Every student is expected to get changed for PE even if they cannot participate fully in the practical aspects for example through illness or injury, as they can take on the role of an official, coach or helper for the lesson. All kit must be clearly marked with the student’s name and tutor group.

Jewellery must not be worn during PE lessons as it poses a health and safety risk and can be lost or damaged.

Our PE uniform consists of:

  • Academy polo top or plain black/navy round neck t-shirt
  • Academy reversible games top
  • Academy shorts
  • Plain navy blue or black joggers, no branding, no leggings.
  • Plain navy blue knee length games socks. For use when shin pads are being worn.
  • White sports socks for indoor use
  • Indoor trainers – Non-marking sole with laces, providing support to ankle & foot
  • Outdoor trainers – Good grip with laces providing support to the ankle & foot.
    NB – Pumps do not provide adequate support for the foot or ankle
  • Gum shield – for rugby/hockey
  • Shin pads – for football/hockey
  • Base layers / skins are allowed including for religious / cultural reasons that require students to cover up. These must be black or navy blue. They are also optional for all students in cold weather
  • Academy PE rain jacket or non branded PE rain jacket in Navy

Jewellery, make up, and hairstyles

Students may wear a watch, one ring and up to one pair of small ear studs (one stud by ear lobe) only. 

No other jewellery is permitted; if students have any other visible piercings or retainers these must be removed during the school day. Failure to do so will result in the Academy making contact with the parents/carers to resolve the issue. We may also send students home to change to rectify any issues or isolate students if their uniform is not appropriate or does not adhere to our uniform policy.

Students may wear a small amount of discreet make up in natural colours, but the academy may ask students to remove any make up staff consider inappropriate. 

False nails are allowed within the Academy but they must be less than 5mm over the nail in order to be an appropriate length, this is due to health and safety reasons. 

Any hair accessories should be small and plain coloured only. Shaved emblems or lines, unnatural colour dyes are not allowed. Hair extensions / braids of natural colour are deemed acceptable. 

If you are unsure whether a hairstyle or piercing meets our uniform guide, please contact Mr Mark Taylor, Assistant Head teacher for guidance before any treatment.

NB. The Head teacher’s decision is final and binding


The Academy requires all students to be fully equipped for learning with a homework folder, pens (black and green), pencil, ruler and at KS4 a scientific calculator and a mathematics set. 


  • Uniform Direct are the authorised uniform supplier for Noel-Baker Academy.  They are the only company that can provide all the items required including PE kit, correct skirts, blazers and ties.  
  • https://www.uniform-direct.com/acatalog/Noel-Baker-Academy-School-Uniform.html 
  • Uniform is also fully available instore. Opening times are Monday to Saturday – 9.30am to 5pm. Also open on Sundays during the school summer holidays – 11am to 4pm. 
  • Their store contact number is 01332 342569

Please click here to read an update from our supplier regarding new precedure in place following social distancing due to COVID-19.