The Role of the House Captains / Vice Captains
  • To lead and manage the House Student Leadership Team. 
  • To confidently present and/ or speak to individuals and large groups of both students and adults. 
  • To support and promote school activities (such as parents evening, school productions, co-curricular activities and open evenings /days). 
  • To support with the implementation of the school behaviour policy. 
  • To mentor younger students. 
  • To be an ambassador for the school both in and outside the academy- including networking and collaborative working with staff and pupils and the local community.
  • To chair/vice-chair and actively participate in school council meetings and any other relevant meetings as and when required.
  • To help promote, organise and run inter-house events and competitions throughout the year including a house fund raising/ charity event.
The Role of the Prefect
  • Attend and actively participate in House Council Meetings. 
  • Encourage solidarity within the group of peers he/she/they represents.. 
  • Reflect the interests of the group of peers he/she/ they represents 
  • Work in collaboration with others including students, staff and external bodies. 
  • Represent the school at key events throughout the year.
  • Take an active part in and promote participation in inter-house competitions.
  • Participate in making decisions about the school, along with staff and school governors.