Music Curriculum Overview

Welcome to Music at Noel-Baker Academy

“Where words fail music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen

The aim of music at NBA is to create musicians. Music is taught through practical music by the enjoyment of performing, creating and listening. Students will develop their ability on instruments, their musical creativity, knowledge of musical styles and musical analysis. We want to develop their love of music, give them the confidence to play music and continue enjoying music after their time with us.

Year 7 Curriculum Overview


Performing from Notation (keyboard skills)
Guitar skill
Singing as a part of a Choir
Blues improvisation
Creating musical ideas
Using Music Technology

Year 8 Curriculum Overview


Pop Music performance
Protest songs
Radio Adverts
Jazz improvisation

Year 9 Curriculum Overview


Film Music 
Rock Music
Hip Hop
Indian Classical
Band project

KS4 (Year 10 & 11) Curriculum Overview



Students study AQA GCSE music.
This is; 30% Performance
       30% Composition
       40% Listening and Appraising

Areas of study are:
Western classical tradition 1650–1910
Popular music
Traditional music
Western classical tradition since 1910