Noel-Baker Curriculum

‘It doesn’t matter how well you teach if the stuff you’re teaching doesn’t enrich student’s lives in a meaningful way’ 

Our philosophy at Noel-Baker is one of entitlement, we passionately believe that all our students deserve to learn the very best that has been thought and said in order to make sense and understand the world in which they live.  

We make sure this happens by carefully considering which knowledge we want our students to know and then sequencing it in such a way that helps them learn and remember it. This is further supported by our teaching and learning strategy which is informed by up to date and relevant educational research.

Mrs Leach

For further information about our curriculum, you can view the individual subject areas on our website.  

We would also very much welcome the opportunity to discuss any specific curriculum queries you may have. You can contact the Deputy Headteacher at: 

Mrs S Leach – Associate Deputy Headteacher

Telephone: 01332 572026

Email: [email protected]