Welcome to the Noel-Baker Year 9 Options page. Below are the two different pathways available as well as information on each of the subjects and some frequently asked questions to help you.  If you have any queries about your options please contact us on enquiries@noelbakeracademy.co.uk.

Mr Leach

At Noel-Baker Academy, our purpose is to provide a rich education that will allow pupils not only to achieve excellent qualifications, but also to become thoughtful, educated and well-rounded young adults. We believe that all students are entitled to learn about:

The best which has been thought and said

Matthew Arnold

Our students are the inheritors of the greatest ideas, written texts and discoveries of the past. In order for all to achieve this, we deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum where teachers are the experts whose role it is to lead the learning of the students by proficiently conveying their knowledge and expertise.

Our vision is based in the understanding that factual knowledge is a prerequisite for deep understanding: that the more you know, the more you are able to learn and understand. We know that students who put in more effort, who practise, who revise and who learn more ideas and knowledge are able to develop greater expertise and thereby become more intelligent. Our curriculum empowers our students to achieve through our unrelenting focus on hard work, commitment and perseverance. 

Please use the links below to familiarise yourself with the Pathways and subjects available to you, or your child.