Revision & Working From Home

Revision is a personal, individual process    

Students begin it with:  

  • Different sets of knowledge and understandings
  • Different responses to the stress of the revision and exam period
  • Different preferred revision techniques
  • Different psychological and life contexts into which to fit the revision.  

While it is possible to get ideas from others and from books, about how to revise, you also need to get to know what your own personal strengths and weaknesses are.   How much do you already know? How do you revise? What are the factors that usually cause problems for you in managing your revision?

See below some guides that will help you whilst you are revising:  

Quality above quantity

It is important to focus on the quality rather than just the quantity of your revision. This means that, whatever time you do spend revising, you try to make sure that it is quality time with full concentration and the most appropriate revision method for you.  The session should be short enough to guarantee your full attention throughout.  

Studying at home – Recommended websites  

Top Tips Video

Motivational Video