Student Leadership Team

Leaders aren’t born, they are made.  They are made just like anything else, through hard work, which is the price we must all pay to achieve any goal which is worthwhile.

Vince Lombardi

House Captains

Lead –
Erin Lee
Achieve –
Lakeisa Moyo
Excel –
Janai Carr-Fearn
Empower –
Kaleb Daborn
Drive –
Muhammad Muntasir

House Vice Captains

Lead –
DiDi Njoke
Achieve –
Harry Day
Empower –
Rubie Watson
Drive –
Kirills Bulazs



Year 7 Esther Toindepi

Year 8-Macey Rae Enwright

Teegan Goodwin 

Lillimae Wakefield 


Year 7- Cai Russell

Year 8-Isabelle Meakin

Year 9- Angelika Aleksandrowicz

Year 10- Maddison McFarlane

Year 11-Saskia Vernon


Year 7-Eric Mahaka

Year 8-Bailey Bradshaw

Year 9-Evelyn Hardy

Year 10- Cody Marshall


Year 7- Igor Skorupa

Year 10- Learni Asri

Year 11- Jacob Driscoll 

Ashley Chinemo

Rhianna Hogan