Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Noel-Baker Academy Teaching and Learning page.

As Assistant Head teacher responsible for ‘Quality of Education’, I welcome any queries you may have regarding our pedagogical practice.

Miss S Howard
Assistant Headteacher – Quality of Education

The Noel-Baker Academy Learning Cycle.

  • We use a ‘Do Now’ activity in every lesson, because we know that retrieval practice helps us to embed knowledge in our Long-Term Memory.  These tasks are always based on knowledge from across a period of time and from across units of work. 
  • We share the intended learning with our students every lesson so that they, and we, can assess their progress towards these endpoints.
  • During the ‘I Do’ section of our lessons, we present new material in small steps, because we know that this is the best way to promote transfer and retention of new knowledge.  
  • During the ‘We Do’ section of our lessons, we model and demonstrate how to complete tasks or processes, because we know that learners benefit from seeing the specific steps involved. 
  • We provide ‘You Do’ time because we know that independent practice supports the transfer of new knowledge to the long-term memory. During this time, teachers are able to assess students’ progress and provide bespoke support. 
  • We use regular questioning and an ‘Exit Task’ to assess our retention of the new knowledge from today’s lesson. This informs teachers’ planning of the following lessons.