Teaching and Learning

At Noel-Baker Academy, we deliver a highly-ambitious academic curriculum, and our pedagogy strategies are purposely tailored to ensuring that the rich knowledge that we teach is remembered for life.

Mr J Drake
Assistant Headteacher – (T&L, CPD, Appraisal)

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At Noel-Baker Academy, we take a proudly traditional approach to our work in the classroom ; you won’t encounter any ‘fads’ or ‘teaching trends’ here.  Instead, our pedagogical philosophies are firmly grounded in the research findings of cognitive science, and our delivery is designed to maximise retention of key knowledge in the long-term memory.  Teachers at Noel-Baker Academy are experts in their fields, and staff at every level engage with professional educational reading and research, with many colleagues also possessing, or studying for, post-graduate qualifications in their areas of interest and expertise.  We believe that every student who joins our Academy is entitled to read, study and learn ‘the best which has been thought and said’, and our approach to teaching ensures that every learning opportunity is maximised.

We are delighted to work in partnership with a number of Initial Teacher Training providers in the Midlands, and are proud to support early career colleagues to grow to become exceptional classroom practitioners.  In the academic year 2022-2023, we are working in partnership with Teach First, Derby Teaching Schools Alliance, the University of Nottingham, Landau Forte SCITT and Loughborough University to train the next generation of educators.  

Choosing for your child to be educated at Noel-Baker Academy is a choice that promises a high-calibre, highly-academic, knowledge-rich curriculum, delivered by expert educators who are committed to the very best outcomes for every child.  Choosing to teach at Noel-Baker Academy, meanwhile, is a choice that promises you the opportunity to deliver an engaging, challenging, rich curriculum, and the chance to serve our wonderful local community through your work.

I am extremely proud to be the Assistant Headteacher leading on Teaching and Learning, and I welcome the opportunity to talk with parents and professionals about our pedagogical philosophies here at Noel-Baker Academy.

Scientia Potentia Est – Knowledge Is Power