Key Stage 3

All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 receive one hour of Drama each week.  Our main focus in lessons is to empower the pupils to feel comfortable in team working, public speaking, presentation and help to improve confidence.  From the start in year 7 we focus on the basic building blocks of performance in techniques such as still image, thought tracking, narration and flashbacks.  These are key skills that are revisited throughout key stage 3 to varying degrees of difficulty.  In drama lessons we look at developing their creating skills in their own devised pieces, performance skills, of not only their devised pieces but of also scripted performances and their responding skills through peer and self-evaluation and feedback.  We scaffold these techniques through different themes and topics.  In year 7 we look at Superheroes, Ancient Greek Drama, Script – The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty and a stimulus based project.  In year 8 we look at, ‘Let em ave it’ the Derek Bentley Case, Trestle Mask work, Social Media and a stimulus based piece.  In Year 9 we are starting to involve some key stage 4 ideas to stretch and challenge all our pupils.  We start by looking at Theatre in Education by studying ‘Too Much Punch for Judy’, Physical Theatre and the work of Frantic Assembly and then a devised project.



Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 we now offer the BTEC Tech Level 2 in Performing Arts.  This is a new course which we have started this academic year.  Students receive three hours of lesson time in Year 10 each week and two hours of lesson time in Year 11 each week.

Throughout the course the pupils will complete three components called: Exploring the Performing Arts, Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts and Performing to a Brief.  During the course the pupils look at different styles of theatre and the professional pieces of repertoire within them.  They will experience workshops in different styles and then perform sections of the professional pieces.  They will also develop their own personal acting and performing skills.  For the last component this is the external set task.  The pupils will be sent an assignment brief by the exam board and they will be required to work in groups to create their own piece to fit the brief.


Extra-curricular and enrichment programme

  • School Production rehearsals (Wednesdays and Thursdays after school in the theatre)
  • Key stage 3 Drama Club – years 7 and 8 – Starting January 2019
  • Key Stage 4 Drama Club – years 9 and 10 – Starting January 2019 – open to all not just BTEC students.



Drama Department teaching staff

  • Head of Expressive Arts and Drama teacher: Mrs Sibson
  • Drama Teacher: Mrs Criddle-Jones

About us

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