KS3 Descriptor

At KS3 pupils study a wide range of science topics, based around Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  In year 7 pupils study Working Scientifically, Cells, Structure and function of Body Systems, Reproduction, Particles, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Forces, Sound, Light and Space. In year 8 pupils study Health and Lifestyle, Ecosystem Processes, Adaptation and Inheritance, The Periodic Table, Separation Techniques, Metals and Acids, The Earth, Electricity and Magnetism, Energy, Motion and Pressure. The course closely follows the KS3 National Curriculum and is designed to develop their investigative skills and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.  Pupils are assessed synoptically at numerous points throughout the year. This acts as an integral foundation to prepare pupils for our KS4 GCSE courses in science.


KS4 Descriptor

At KS4 pupils follow either the AQA Combined: Trilogy pathway or can decide to take the option of Triple Science following the AQA Separate Science courses. Throughout Years 9, 10 and 11 pupils will study the following topics within each of the disciplines:

Biology: Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and Response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis, Inheritance, Variation and Evolution, and Ecology.

Chemistry: Atomic structure and the Periodic Table, Bonding, Quantitative Chemistry, Energy, Rates of Reaction, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Analysis and Chemistry of the Atmosphere.

Physics: Forces, Energy, Waves, Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Particle Model of Matter and Atomic structure and Space (Triple only).

All assessment is taken at the end of the three-year course. There are 6 exams (2 Biology, 2 Chemistry and 2 Physics) to be sat at the end of Year 11. For Combined each exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes and is worth 16.7% of the 2 total grades. Grading will follow the new guidelines of 1-9 and pupils will gain 2 GCSE grades in Science (based on 17-point grading system from 1,1 up to 9,9). If the Triple option is chosen the exam length is 1 hour and 45 minutes with each paper contributing 50% to that separate Science so pupils receive three separate GCSEs (1 GCSE for Biology, 1 GCSE for Chemistry and 1 GCSE for Physics).


Contact: Mrs Swallow (Head of Science)

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