CV skills that don’t require work experience

How do you demonstrate your skills when you’re starting out? Even if you don’t have work experience, you can still be a good match for a job. Here’s how to show you have some common skills recruiters want. Pick a few which are most relevant to your application or which play to your strengths.

Organisation and planning

Your school years are usually very hectic. It is likely that you juggled your studies and exams with your hobbies and other activities. Maybe you created a great revision schedule or planned your end-of-year school party? Think back to activities you were involved in and how your planning made them possible.


Playing for a sports team or taking part in projects such as volunteering can be the ideal way to show you are a team player.


Presentations, a personal blog or a Twitter feed which shows an interest in your chosen area of work are all ways to show you are a good communicator.


How have you coped with different situations? Giving a range of examples – say looking after small children or helping elderly relatives, is one way to show how you can adapt.


Creativity isn’t just about artistic talents. Think about the times you were original. For example, instead of a traditional bake sale to raise money, perhaps you chose a more unusual fundraising activity?


Think about examples where the task seemed impossible until you broke it down into smaller activities or approached it differently.

Attention to detail

Carefully checking the job advert to ensure you’ve covered all the main points will demonstrate your attention to detail. And making sure your application is free from grammar and spelling mistakes will help to show accuracy too!