Preparing for your next steps after year 11

Preparing for your next steps after year 11

Where to start:

Year 11 may mark the end of your school days, but you still have to stay in education or training until the end of the school year when you turn 18.

So what can you do next? Your main choices are: •Full-time study, such as for A-levels, BTECs or a different college course •An apprenticeship or traineeship •A mix of work with part-time study

It’s worth looking ahead, as decisions you make now may narrow your choices later.  Fancy a particular course? Find out where it’s likely to lead in future. Have a career or university course in mind? Work out what do you need to do now to set you on the right path.

It can also help to keep an open mind – find out what’s available and then see how each option could work for you.

There are always opportunities to change direction and different ways to get to where you want to be, but thinking about your future now could make life easier further down the line.

Staying in education – where to study

If you want to stay in education, you can study at:

•A Sixth Form

•A Further Education (FE) College

•A specialist college – these usually focus on subjects such as construction, dance, drama, or agriculture

Each school or college is likely to offer a range of different subjects, courses, and learning styles. Some colleges offer part-time courses, or run evening or weekend classes – often called flexible learning – so it’s worth finding out more to discover what will suit you best.