Year 7

Due to our state of the art building, pupils will occupy their own dedicated zones within Academy. This enables them to have an area where they can go to at the start of each day which is familiar to them.  In their zone they will find not only their form and form tutor but also their Year Leader.  If pupils have any concerns they can quickly be dealt with at the start of the day so interruption to learning is avoided.

In Year 7, pupils will benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum.  Support is quickly put in place to assist pupils who have gaps in their learning.  Teachers also focus on identifying those pupils who need stretch and challenge to maximise their potential. In each learning zone, form groups have access to a suite of computers which can be used to widen learning opportunities.  Pupils also have access to the Academy’s Learning Resource Centre, where they can choose from a selection of books to advance their reading skills.  Year 7 is the most important year in building a foundation for success for pupils.

Year 7 Pastoral Lead - Michelle Morgan






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