Useful Activities

Cook dinner: Why don’t you offer to cook dinner? You could even do a ‘come dine with me’ experience for the whole family over a week.

Meal plan: It’s useful to know how to budget and plan food for the week, so why not create a meal plan based on the ingredients you have in the house or using the budget for next weeks food shop!

Learn DIY skills: Does your bedroom need a bit of a revamp? Do with permission (and supervision)!

Wash the car: Maybe this could earn you a bit of extra pocket money…

Learn car maintenance: Learn how to change the oil and water or change a tyre. You’ll need to do these things one day. Again, do with supervision!

Learn to read a map: One of those things you never really do with satnavs and maps on your phone, but fascinating once you get started. Plan routes, and work out places of interest you might be able to visit (in line with covid measures of course).

Sew on a button: This is a task everyone should learn to do for themselves before leaving home.

Learn First Aid: A brilliant general life skill and great to add it to your CV!

Learn to change a lightbulb: Nobody wants to be stuck in the dark now the nights are drawing in. Again, another important skill to have! Do with supervision.

Plan a career: Research jobs you might find interesting, from pay scales and promotion paths to what’s needed at entry level.