Wellbeing Activities

Self-regulate for wellbeing

Have a daily gratitude moment: Each day, think of one thing that you are grateful for at dinner every night or before you go to sleep.

Mindful breathing: Find a comfortable place to sit, with your eyes closed and you back straight. Focus your attention on your breathing. Focus your attention on the rise and fall of your chest, the feeling of the air entering or leaving your body.

Get moving mentally

Uncomfortable feelings: When do you feel uncomfortable? Make a list of times and places and people that have caused these feelings. Do you notice anything?

Analysing your stressors: Identify them. Sometimes keeping a journal or diary can help this. Try to identify what it feels like when you are stressed. Draw or write it down. Try to identify what cams you down and makes you feel good, and plan it in. Think about sharing this knowledge with friends, family, teachers etc…

Connect for wellbeing

3 Kind acts: Practice 3 kind acts every day. Do things that make others feel happy and loved. The little things really do count – writing a note, a message, helping out or making a small gift.

Laughter log: Make up a special book to record all the different things that made you laugh in the last week. Write them down and when you are feeling low in mood you can revisit these. *Wellbeing activities taken from ‘A Toolbox of Wellbeing’, Tina Rae.