What level is right for me?

Intermediate (level 2)

Intermediate (or level 2) apprenticeships are designed to cover entry-level  roles and provide the basic skills and knowledge required to begin a career. You’ll work towards qualifications equivalent to GCSEs, usually in the form of a diploma relevant to the area you’re working in.

Entry requirements

These will vary from one or more GCSEs to no formal qualifications or experience, and employers are encouraged to make their apprenticeships as accessible as possible.

Advanced (level 3)

Advanced (or level 3) apprenticeships are the next step on the apprenticeship ladder, oofering an alternative to A-levels, with which they’re considered equivalent, and are suitable if you have skills, experience or qualifications in a sector already and are looking to progress. Typically taking place over an 18 or 24-month period, you’ll delve into more technical detail and gain greater experience in your chosen sector.

Entry Requirements

These are stricter than for level 2, with many often requiring up to 5 GCSEs, including English and maths. At this level, and depending on the apprenticeship, you may achieve professional recognition upon completion by the relevant professional organisation or institute.