Year 11

Autumn Term

Making informed choices

  • What next after your GCSEs? Start thing about what you will study next.
    • College?
    • Apprenticeships?
    • Sixth Form?
  • How will you choose your qualifications next year? Consider why you’re making these choices.

PSHE Content

  • I can state what ‘being an adult’ means to me.
  • I can give some examples of legislation that affects me at 16.
  • I know some of the rights, responsibilities and laws that affect me.

Spring Term

Planning for the future

  • What do you know about university? Is everything that you’ve heard about university true?
  • What career do you want? Do your choices for next year match up with this?

PSHE Content

  • I know of some ways to help me manage any anxiety I may feel now and in the future.
  • I know of some ways to help me manage when I feel overwhelmed.
  • I know where I can access further information and support.
  • I know the links between sleep, physical and mental health and learning.
  • I can identify my financial goals and whether these are realistic in the short or longer term.
  • I can tell you the skills and attributes I have or need to develop in order to aim for my financial goals.
  • I am able to budget and understand the possible consequences of debt and sources of support for people in debt or have a gambling problem.
  • I understand the risks associated with gambling as an answer to debt or financial pressures.
  • I can identify what my dream job might be.
  • I can tell you if my dream job differs from the expectations of my family or friends and if so, how I can manage this to maintain positive relationships.
  • I can explain why I may need to change my skill-set as my career develops.
  • I can tell you what my dreams and goals are in relation to long- term intimate commitments including my choice to raise a family or not.
  • I can tell you about the choices available to me in terms of different legal arrangements in a relationship status e.g marriage, civil partnership and the difference between them.
  • I can explain the challenges and opportunities of becoming a parent.
  • I can identify key skills of successful parenting.
  • I can reflect on an appropriate time to start a family and the positive conditions within my relationships and lifestyle that I believe are essential to raising children successfully e.g. financial stability, support networks etc.
  • I can identify some possible barriers to some of my dreams and goals.
  • I can identify some contingency plans in relation to some of my dreams and goals if obstacles or barriers are met.
  • I understand what I need to do to achieve successful health, relationships and life-goals.

Summer Term

Getting more work experiences

  • Why is work experience so important? Find out the difference work experience can make.
  • Why volunteer? Explore how summer volunteering can make a difference.
  • What will you do this summer? Prepare your CV ready to make the most of the holidays.
  • How do you find a job? Look at job adverts and unpick what you mean.