Year 8

Autumn Term

Goals for now, soon and later

  • What is the point of education? Discuss the value of coming to school, learning and education.
  • How do you work out what subjects to study? Discover the factors that can help you decide.
  • What subjects do you need for certain careers? Explore the impact of subject choices.
  • What difference does having a defree make? Discover how a defree could benefit you.
  • What could you study at university? Find out what courses different universities offer that interest you.

PSHE Content

  • I know what some of my long-term goals are, how I can achieve them, and how my short and medium-term goals might help me do that.
  • I can identify the careers that interest me and the skills I need to develop and how these can be linked to short-term and long-term goals.
  • I understand some of the positive and negative roles that money can play in society.
  • I can describe how my activity online can be both positive and negative.
  • I can explain why it is important to keep track of spending.
  • I understand the variations in income across the world.
  • I understand that choices I make now can affect my future.
  • I know that gambling can become addictive and tell you some of the warning signs.

Spring Term

Different types of businesses and organisations

  • How can you show off your skills? Write down activities that have helped you develop certain skills.
  • What are your values? What are transferable skills? Discover where your skills can be applied.

PSHE Content

  • I can recognise the challenges faced by individuals when trying to make positive change.
  • I can give examples of individuals who have made a positive contribution despite prejudice and discrimination.
  • I can give examples of social injustice in the UK.
  • I can describe what inequality means in the UK.
  • I can make a positive contribution to my community.
  • I recognise that the choices I make will have an impact on my ability to develop my self confidence and integrity.

Summer Term

Managing your money and its role in society

  • Do you hace your own bank account? Learn how to compare banks.
  • How can you make the most of your money? Find out how to make your money go further.
  • Save or spend? Create a budget and manage your money.
  • Is the role of money positive or negative in society? Making you aware of the pros and pitfalls of money.