Introduction to Satchel One

We have now launched our new homework app – Satchel One.

Satchel One can be used as a website on a computer or laptop or as an app that can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet. This creates a ‘to do list’ for the student so they are able to keep track of what they have been set and when they have handed it in. Teachers will upload self study to the app for their subjects with instructions on how to complete this. The teacher will also decide how they want this handing in. For example, this may need handing in directly through an outline platform that students will be directed to, or it may be a written piece of work to be done in books and to be brought to their next lesson. Either way, the homework will always show up in the app so students have their organiser all in one place.

As parents and carers, this is also downloadable as an app on your phone/device or accessible on a computer. By logging in as a parent, you are able to keep track of what your child has been set as you will be able to see their to do list, when the work is due and if it has been completed. If you have more than one child at Noel-Baker Academy, you will be able to see all their profiles to keep a track of all their homework.

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Introduction Letter to Parents for Satchel One