Work Experience

“Unfortunately work experience has had to be cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result, we have sourced six different virtual work experience packages you can get involved in which cover a wide variety of careers. This is a great chance for you to still experience some elements of the work place and develop some skills whilst in lockdown. You should log what you have done on using the Activities tool – this is a great way to develop your CV for when you leave at the end of year 11.”

Virtual Work Experience Leaflet Information

The Date for Work Experience is 29/06/2020 – 03/07/2020

Deadline for completed forms is 27/03/2020

The aim of work experience is to help prepare our students for the transition from education to employment. It gives them the opportunity to get involved in the world of work and gain first-hand knowledge of what a particular job entails.  

All year 10 students will be supported in their Work Experience applications through their work in PSHE lessons. This will include how to make contact with a placement provider as well as how to present themselves throughout their placement. Close contact is maintained with each student while he or she is working to ensure that the placement is progressing satisfactorily both from the students’ and the employers’ points of view. 

How do students benefit from a Work Experience Placements?

Following a period of Work Experience it is hoped that they may have developed: 

  • More confidence
  • Improved self esteem
  • Ability to communicate with adults
  • Improved timekeeping
  • Additional practical work skills
  • Team working
  • Problem solving skills

 It is a good idea for students to:-

  • Spend time preparing for the placement through discussion and research in class and at home
  • Record their learning during their placement the work experience diary
  • Share their knowledge and experience with fellow students on returning to academy.
  • Ask for a reference from the Employer at the end of their placement.

Where to start?

Start by thinking about what your interests are and what you think you might be good at.  For example, if you love helping people you might want to try out a caring profession like healthcare or working with the children or the elderly, if you like sport then maybe speak to see if you can do experience at a gym or leisure centre. It’s a good idea to brainstorm lots of ideas first. You can do this with friends or family. Get everything down on paper to start. Find out which companies specialise in what you are interested in. If you’re really not sure how your interests match up with different jobs, use the internet to gain help and see what it is you’re keen to explore. You can then look to see if they have a website to research the company before applying to them. Many companies including big companies are willing to offer experience if you send a polite, well-written letter direct from yourself rather than asking your family to contact on your behalf.

How can Parents/Carers help?

Support for parents  – why WEX is important?

Young people need to be motivated and determined if they are to benefit from the opportunities that a Work Experience Placement presents.

Parents/Carers should encourage their son/daughter to think of the type of placement that they believe they would like to have. For example, they might picture themselves in different industries such as catering, engineering, agriculture/horticulture, community care, clerical administration or hairdressing.  Personal preferences might also be considered such as working for large or small companies, working indoors or outdoors, dealing with members of the public or being part of an office team, using equipment like computers, fax machines, photocopying machines or manufacturing equipment.

All students will need to source their own placements and once confirmed they should ensure the following documents are completed by the employer and handed back to the academy.

  • Student Work Experience Placement Form/ Parent Carer Form
  • Employer Information

Failure to provide the above documentation will the result in the academy disapproving the placement.

All work experience is good work experience

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Oliver our Associate Assistant Headteacher for Careers.