Covid 19

Attendance Addendum

What children should bring to school

  • Students are to attend the Academy wearing full Academy uniform;
  • On days with PE timetabled, students are expected to wear full PE kit rather than uniform;
  • The Academy will provide students with all the necessary equipment;
  • Equipment and workbooks will remain in the Academy throughout the duration of the COVID-19 period. They will not be touched by any other students or staff members;
  • Students should bring bottled water or their own drinks bottle already full;
  • The water fountains will be out of bounds during the COVID-19 pandemic period due to the risk of contamination and spread of infection;

Uniform expectations

Compulsory Academy Uniform – Year 7 – 11

The Academy has strict guidelines on dress. All students are expected to wear the full Academy uniform on the days when they do not have PE including when travelling to and from the Academy. Consequences are issued for failure to comply with the Academy uniform policy as outlined below.

Our uniform comprises:

Plain long or short sleeved shirt – white plain black trousers or Noel-Baker Academy skirt. Jeans, leggings and cords are not allowed; school skirts must be the official academy skirt – black skirts are no longer part of Academy uniform.

All items should allow for shirts to be properly tucked in and must not be tight-fitting.Academy clip-on tie

Academy blazer – grey plain, sensible black shoes.

Footwear must be leather or leather look with flat soles – no trainers, boots, pumps or canvas shoes will be allowed.

High heeled shoes are unsuitable and dangerous on our Academy site.  NB –

Any students not wearing the correct uniform will be expected to borrow this from the Academy – the shoes are treated with a hygienic spray and all clothing will have been washed after each use.

Failure to comply will result in an internal exclusion (refusing a reasonable request). Please see main Uniform page on the website for more information.

Uniform Addendum:

As part of our CV-19 risk assessment, we have to maintain certain levels of ventilation across the Academy, which means that classroom windows have to remain open.  Our school uniform states that a navy blue round-necked or V-neck jumper can be worn under a blazer and over their PE kit on PE days.   Following our recent Student and Parent Voice surveys, and as the weather gets colder, we are adding an additional option to our uniform, should you wish to add another layer of warmth for your child.  This will be a ‘Noel Baker’ navy blue hooded sweatshirt that children can wear on PE days, underneath their Academy blazers and in place of or as well as their normal navy blue jumpers.  It will have the Noel Baker logo on the front.   This will come into effect as of Wednesday 18th November and up until February half term, whilst we are under CV-19 safety restrictions.  The cost of this hoodie will be subsidised by the Academy and the cost to parents/carers is £5.00.   Please note, only Academy hoodies and plain navy blue unbranded/hooded jumpers will be permitted.  Any items of non-school uniform will be confiscated, as per current policy.

The hoodie is part of the PE uniform on a permanent basis, and can be worn as part of the uniform until the February half term.

If it is very cold, we will allow staff to use their professional judgement on whether coats can be worn in the classroom.

From 2020 students in years 7—10 will be issued with a coloured braid to allow staff to identify students by year group.  This braid will be provided by the school but will need to be either sewn or ironed on to the blazer pocket above the Noel-Baker logo (see highlighted section on the image above).

Compulsory PE Uniform – this is to be worn on the day you have PE (not Academy Uniform) Academy polo top or Academy reversible games top or Plain Blue Navy T-shirtAcademy shorts or Black/Navy Plain shorts

Plain navy blue knee length games socks

White sports socks for indoor use.

Suitable Footwear depending on activity – Indoor – Non-marking sole with laces, providing support to ankle & foot/ Outdoor – Good grip with laces providing support to the ankle & foot. 

NB – Pumps do not provide adequate support for the foot or ankle Please see main Uniform page on the website for more information.

Visits to site – guidelines and protocol

Visits to Site 

During the COVID-19 pandemic parents/carers are not permitted on Academy site without an Appointment. 

If for any reason you need to speak with a member of staff or raise any concerns please contact the Academy reception, Pastoral Lead for the year group your child is in, or alternatively please email [email protected]

Our policy is that we will respond to parent queries within a timely manner, wherever possible within 48 hours, unless in the case of a medical emergency, where we require parents to collect children immediately.

Transport (to and from school)

Transport to and from school

Students should ideally walk or cycle to and from the Academy. Where this is not possible the following precautions must be adhered to: 

Travelling by car

Students should be dropped off or picked up offsite and away from the main gates.  

Students should be dropped off in a safe place within proximity of the Academy to allow them to walk the remaining distance.  

Cars will not be permitted on the Academy grounds to drop off or pick up children unless the Academy has given permission to do so due to medical reasons. 

Use of public transport (bus, train and taxi)

Students MUST ensure they use social distance keeping to 1 metre from other transport users.  

Students should refrain from touching any seats or rails etc to reduce the risk of infection. 

Face masks MUST be worn at all times on public transport. This is mandatory.

NB: If students wish to wear a face mask when travelling to and from the Academy on foot, this is acceptable. Although this is advised, it is not compulsory.

Arrangements for the Autumn Term

Academy Response to a Covid 19 outbreak